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    By a hot July evening, within the framework of a party organized at Saint-Clément, met two young people, both of them came from a large family, who, at that moment, had no idea about what future will reserve to them. It was because of an aunt’s matchmaker talent that Léonard Caron and Thérèse Denis got to know each other as the days go by, until they decided to start a family together.

    Years spent, but none was like the other. Then, in the middle of winter, with snow and wind as friends, was born a little boy whose Martin became his name. The latter grew up at Saint-François-Xavier-de-Viger with his brothers, Mario and Yves, and cultivating a hockey passion.

    During that time, at Saint-Fabien, a couple was about to live one of the most beautiful day of their life. It was by a splendid May day, during which sun shined like never before. Then, under dumbfound eyes, in the family house, was born a little girl named Carole. But, those new parents were not inexperienced in that field! In fact, three other children waited about some news in their grandparents’ house, who changed in child minders for that special occasion.

    Surrounded with several cats, Carole saw years spent with a racquet in her hand on a tennis court with her older brother, Réjean.

    Then, she left her birthplace to study at the Cégep de Rimouski where Olivain, her other brother, was already. Thanks to the latter, she met, at the age of seventeen, Martin. That day, multicoloured leafs covered the cool grown and every elements were collected to make of those two students a couple. It was during that October 27, there were thirty-one years of that today, that my parents became in love. But, their story was not finish yet, it just started…

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    Good definition from the introduction. Two things to write more about are who/m in the past tense and more about the subjects at the end of the paragraphs. For example, starting a family, a hockey passion, a special occassion, and students as a couple can further define who and why these things are when they occurred.


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