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    Is corn countable?

    If I see a corn in the supermarket and ask?

    What's this
    It is a corn

    I think I'm confused what is corn. Is it the little yellow things that are corns or that whole thing is corn?

    I also heard "ear " and "cob" . How are these word combine with the word corn and what do ear and cob mean?

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    Re: corn

    There are two meanings for "corn". 1 chiefly Brit. the chief cereal crop of a district, especially (in England) wheat or (in Scotland) oats. 2 N. Amer. & Austral./NZ maize, the ears of which are corn on the cob. Corn is uncountable in both cases. You would ask for "two cobs".

    The ears of all corn are the seed-bearing heads.

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