After they completed their management studies at UQAR, Carole and Martin decided to acquire a residence at Rimouski in sight to start a family.

It was by a warm March day that, because she noticed something unusual, Carole decided to submit to a pregnancy test with her spouse. When the little blue cross appeared after neverending waiting minutes, which meant that their life will completely change, they could not keep their shirt on. Immediately, they went to the hospital to confirm that news: they will become parents!

At that moment, they had no idea that that emotional stir was the tip of the iceberg in comparison with the rest of that adventure. Thus, nine months later, which were full of surprises, excitement and nauseas, that young couple went another time to the hospital, where they spent several ill hours, especially for Carole. So, it was during that November8, 1991, evening that I was born, under the moon moving eyes and accompanied by the leafs spectacular dance, which ones left their tree for winter.

I came back to my home where tons of adventures waiting me. Because I was the first family child, I quickly became an actress and a model very much in demand with my close relations: I played in several fabulous comedies shot by my father and I sat for different hats advertisements set up by my mother. In addition, because I didnít leave my mother for a single second, I could improve my impersonator talent thanks to my daily observations. An important thing that needs to be said is that I was lucky because my mother stayed by the side of me until my first school day.

Meanwhile appeared in my life a little sister named Catherine of who I took care as my mother did. Without her, I must admit that my childhood would not be the same one. My sister was and is always my best friend and my favourite game partner.

Consequently, it was after that funny childhood that I made my entrance in the grown-up world: the nursery school!