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Thread: verb phrases

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    verb phrases

    In the sentence "The raging fire seemed impossible to control.", what parts of speech are the words "to" and "control"? Can you give me a detailed explanation?

    I apologize if my punctuation is incorrect.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    David Coulter
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    Re: verb phrases

    "to" = infinitive marker used with the base form of a verb to indicate that the verb is in the infinitive

    "control" = the verb which is being marked.

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    Smile Re: verb phrases

    Thank you so much for your reply and assistance. The terms used today are not the same as the terms used when I was in school. The phrase looked like an infinitive phrase to me but none of my daughters material (I am trying to help with her homework) says anything about infinitives. Today they use the term "Linking Verb". I used the term "Being Verb" when I was in school. I think that they are the same thing.

    Anyway, I really appreciate the help. I have asked my daughter to ask her teacher to explain infinitives to her. I hope that she will not be too embarrased to ask.

    Thanks again,

    David Coulter

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    Re: verb phrases

    Welcome to the forums.

    The changes in terminology are a real pain to us oldies! I have to think carefully because the terms I was taught have changed so much.

    Hope your daughter gets a good explanation from her teacher.

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