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Thread: Which tense?

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    Which tense?

    Which tense should I use in this context?
    "All last month I (have) ...exams. "

    I think it should be "All last month I was having exams"because the sentence seems to emphasize the duration of the action. However, my teacher said that I should you use Simple Past.....So confusing!!!!
    Could anyone help?


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    Re: Which tense?

    You should use the simple past (had) because you are referring to something which is completed (last month's exams); you are clearly marking a specific beginning and end.

    We use the continuous to refer to the process itself, without emphasising the beginning or end, for instance

    I was taking an exam when a man burst into the room!

    Whether or not I finished the exam is unimportant, what is important here is what happened during the process of taking the exam.

    I am not a teacher.

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