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    Hello every1, I'm Daniel and I'm Brazilian. I have studied English for 3 years at Cultura Inglesa (English Cuture) which is one of the best courses in Brazil nowadays. I have got a question. I would like to know how to have a good listening 'cause sometimes I don't understand what the people is saying, I don't know what is happening with my ears. However, I can read so much easily.

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    Welcome Daniel - why not register?

    As with any skill, you have to practice listening. One way is to listen to the same film or recorded books over and over till you hear the patterns of speech and can understand the words without thinking about them.

    You may find some interesting sites here: Listening - ESL Web Directory -

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    Dear Anglika, Thank you so much for answering me. As you can see, I have already register me. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielBRAZIL View Post
    Dear Anglika, Thank you so much for answering me. As you can see, I have already register me. LOL
    hi Daniel,
    a very good way to improve your listening is watching TV news. you can try CNN international or Fox news. their English is pretty clear, especially the latter (it doesn't mean that I agree with their opinions...). once you feel comfortable with it, you can jump to the next step, that is, trying to watch TV series without reading the subtitles.
    it takes a long time and it is a long journey but I can assure you that it works. the speed of your learning will only depend on your enthusiasm and interest.
    just a student.
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