Hi all,

Could someone please check and correct my letter.

Thanks in advance!


I'm finally writing you because I haven’t heard from you for a very long time. Firstly, I do apology for that very long delay, because I persisted for weeks in writing by hand such a detailed letter, expanding on topics that i strongly feel about as to share my strong feelings with you. That was something I promised myself to do a long time ago indeed. Unfortunately, I have been so tired lately because I have to commute for hours a day, laboriously moving my body to go back and forth to work. This is why, I regrettably haven't been very productive for some time. As a matter of fact, this has led me to a lot of frustration because it substantially has slowed the writing process of this letter down. Deplorably, my body ruled my mind recently. In a basic way, my mood always lifts my inspiration to write in the evening. Yes, my creative thinking definitively comes into my mind at that moment.
I don't know if you are still on friendly terms with Helen or not after what happened around the filmmaker’s documentary. That documentary film was shot on a (very) tight budget, I knew that too well. But, I couldn’t imagine that they didn’t have enough money as to get all the music they wished to use, which was absolutely a great part of that film. Despite the fact that I have no idea about the amount of the additional money needed to finance such expenses as the cost of the license for using Jeffrey’s music in that movie. Due to that, there were many periods of conflict between him and the publishing company. For that reason, as you know, he made the decision to finish his film without using any song of the band and without your support as well. I guess that Kurt Voss simply declined’ the publishing company’s offer maybe because that agreement allowed him to use the band’s catalogue but only within the framework of the Film Festival circuit. But, I presume that a release on DVD had originally been planned. That’s change everything! Therefore the publishing company would possibly claim its due then, which doubtlessly could represent much more than a five hundred dollars fee.
The movie title issue most likely was the result of that situation, because the business side of things took a turn for the worse at that time. The working title, seemed to might be kept as the final title, which was completely ridiculous and meaningless. Helen worked hard to get it changed and decided to get people passionate about the film involved. So naturally i sent her my suggestion : “The Wild Boy”. It may be no secret that I have borrowed this from a William Burroughs’ wonderful piece of work named “The Wild Boys”. Because I strongly thought that it was the right moment to suggest that the band’s ardent dedication to William Burroughs should be at last mentioned. So why shouldn’t it be noted on the movie title for instance? My idea has been forwarded to the filmmaker of course, but unluckily for me he didn’t consider it .
In my opinion, this movie, regardless of its strengths – I’m referring to the poignant talk some closest friends gave about the band –, unfortunately doesn't delve deeply enough into the essential and does not sufficiently emphasis the artistic part of the band’s work. The one thing the filmmaker failed to show us above all else, is the highly sensitive soul that the musicians had which definitely made them a great group with such an incredible charisma. That band’s music was out of time and should really be looked at its entirety because they never stopped challenging himself, using their creativity and imagination in all sort of ways! They also had a great sensitivity to the beauty of fine arts and it should be remembered that That band had nothing to do with the Punk scene. They had a do-it-yourself approach just like The Beatles at their time, as an example. In fact, us against them was the feeling that characterized much That band’s music and attitude. As a matter of regret, when they reached a new level of maturity, and started to play more complex tunes, ironically, their popularity gradually declined. According to a large part of their audience, the band seemed loosing touch with his roots by moving into more pop-oriented style, but a rather ambitious and sophisticated one. It’s a shame, because during this time, they would wrote and recorded their finest and most fabulous work. However that may be, the band was so eclectic himself in his choice and also had an open-minded curiosity that they could not be categorized and never achieve the recognition that he truly deserved because nobody really knew how to promote them decently.