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    rumble fish / rattlesnake

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to explain to me the meaning of the word “rumble” which caught my attention today in the early dawn.

    Rourke has starred in the movies "Rumble Fish," "9 1/2 weeks," "Pope of Greenwich Village" and "Barfly.

    Knowing a lttle Francis Ford Copolla I have to direct my attention towards the metaphorical meaning of the word namely “pervasive, widespread expression of unrest or dissatisfaction” but much to my regret I am sorry to say that I couldn’t find a acceptable interpretation in my native language for the expression “rumble fish”.

    When I hear the expression “rumble fish” another “masterpiece” of English language namely “rattlesnake” spontaneously crossed my mind.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: rumble fish / rattlesnake

    'Rumble' is 'fight'

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    Re: rumble fish / rattlesnake

    The film was based on a brilliant book by S.E. Hinton called "Rumblefish". Worth reading if you can get it.

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