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Thread: Teacher's Pet

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    Teacher's Pet

    Dear friends and Teachers,

    - In school I was always the smart one "teacher's pet" and had a pretty high opinion of my intelligence and abilities until I was about twelve or thirteen.

    - Does "Teacher's pet" in this context mean "a student who Teachers like the most"?

    Thanks a million!


  1. matilda

    Re: Teacher's Pet

    Yes.It means the apple of the teacher's eyes.The person that teachers like, maybe it is because he is beautiful, or smart

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    Re: Teacher's Pet


    Is "be sb's pet" disapproving, a bit sarcastic and ironic ?
    Whereas "be the apple of sb's eye" isn't ?


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    Re: Teacher's Pet

    The use of the term "pet" (as a metaphor) is slightly demeaning - it suggests that the "pet" has no (or not enough) autonomy. So a "teacher's pet" is not cool in the eyes of his or her class-mates.

    But matilda's use of 'apple of the teacher's eye' was fine . There are two points of view, the teacher's and the kids', so it makes sense to use conflicting expressions - one approving and one disapproving. The "apple" image is also resonant with an image of a teacher's pet as someone who gives the teacher small presents - typically an apple (a real one, that is!)


  4. matilda

    Re: Teacher's Pet

    Hello all
    Sorry,but my computer is out of use and my cellphone doesn't support the (ask the teacher) I had to ask my question here.
    What is the best answer for the following question?

    The manager of the hotel requested that their quest ............ after 11:00 p.m.
    1.must not play music loudly not play loud music
    3.not play music loudly
    4.didn't play music loudly

    I think 1 is the best but the answer key says 3
    And i dont know why

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    Re: Teacher's Pet

    My selection would be #2.

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