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    sentence construction

    hi,Could you please proofread these sentences for me.

    1. How is the plan for the Tokyo trip going on?
    2. Maybe because of the weather that I'm feeling tired.
    3. The reason I didn't go to the ball is that I didn't want to see her.
    4. Joanna stayed in Bell Hotel, Marie recommended.
    5. Mr.Jones arrived at the venue in his car while his wife came in a limousin.
    6. The connection was suddenly cut off due to bad weather.


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    Re: sentence construction

    1. coming along instead of going on.
    2. Maybe I'm feeling tired because of the weather.
    3. that might be correct, personally I would use because.
    4. What is the meaning? Perhaps you mean
    Joanna stayed at the Bell Hotel as Marie had recommended.
    5. limousine. Be aware of the double-entendre in this sentence!
    6. good as it is

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