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    Summer Reading Essay

    Technology has grown exponentially more complex and dangerous ever since the invention of the atomic bomb, which made its debut on July 16th, 1945. The world’s technological advancements are becoming more dangerous and could lead to the destruction of the human race. In Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut this is accurate, because of science’s frequent disinterest in humanity’s survival. Vonnegut illustrates that the advancement in technology can lead to destruction of the world throughout his character’s actions. In the world today, society is corrupted in many ways that also prove that the advancement in technology can be jeopardous for the human race.
    Throughout Cat’s Cradle, many of the character’s actions proved that the increasing advancement in technology is dangerous. Vonnegut shows that people’s attempt to control the life, death and nature of all things lead to the creation of fatal weapons such as the atomic bomb. Felix Hoenikker, the scientist throughout the story, was a childish man who lacked the capacity to care about others. Felix invented a weapon, worse than the atomic bomb, called ice-nine. Ice-nine was a liquid, which before Felix died, was invented in order to provide the Marines with a substance that dries all the mud but is portable. While ice-nine would be able to dry the mud, it would also dry all the liquids on Earth, leading to the world’s destruction. Felix had no interest or care about the consequences of inventing such a deadly weapon. While at his cottage with his three children, Newt, Angela and Frank, Felix died and the children split the ice-nine between themselves. Eventually the children became careless about their actions, like their father, and gave the ice-nine to unsuitable and untrustworthy hands. The ice-nine ended up in the hands of the President of San Lorenzo, “Papa” Monzano, a scientist working for a weapons researching company in the United States named Harrison Connors and the Soviet Union leaders. All of the ice-nine had then fallen into the hands of people who did not care about the effect of ice-nine on other people if it were to be used in any way. Ice-nine eventually was used in Cat’s Cradle and lead to the destruction of Earth. The actions of all of the characters in Cat’s Cradle prove that Vonnegut was right in implying that the advancement of technology, if people do not trouble themselves about the consequences, will destroy the world.
    People tend to believe that technology advancement has an important impact on today’s society, and they would be completely right, but not in the same retrospect as they might think. Yes, we have great advancement in computer technology that simplifies our lives, but not all new technology is great. In current society, just as in Cat’s Cradle, the technological advancements are becoming dangerous and could lead to the destruction of Earth. Ever since people can easily make weapons, the more frequently they are using them. In 2006, there were 17,034 killings in the United States alone, meaning every day 46 people were murdered. This is a 50% increase of murders since 1962, proving that as we make technological advancements it becomes even more dangerous for the human race. The danger of technology advancement is also proven in Cat’s Cradle. “Papa” Monzano committed suicide and by doing so, with the advanced technology of ice-nine, ended the world along with his own life. “Papa” did not care about the consequences of the spreading of the ice-nine, which lead to the freezing and destruction of the world. Our society along with science would not create weapons such as bombs, powerful guns or harmful gases if they cared about humanity’s survival. If bombs were never invented, suicide bombers would have never become part of today’s society, but they have. The advancement of technology allows suicide bombers to be able to kill a greater number of people easier than before. This is proven in current society, as was done exactly seven years ago on September 11th, 2001, when suicide bombers took over two airplanes and crashed them into the Twin Towers, killing over 3,000 people. Current society therefore proves that technological advancements are dangerous and that humanity’s survival is on the verge of being threatened to come to an end.
    Advancement in technology is dangerous. We try to improve today’s society with advancements in order to try to better our society, but those improvements eventually lead to destruction. Within Cat’s Cradle, Vonnegut expressed the idea that technological advancements are dangerous and provided support for this idea. Current society agrees with Vonnegut’s idea and also supports it by the observations and actions of today’s society. Hopefully, someday the technological advancements we make will be for the better and will not have atrocious consequences as did the atomic bomb and ice-nine.

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    Re: Please Check My Essay!

    Make paragraphs.

    Read it looking for errors.

    Is it science or scientists that either show or lack interest?

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