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    Honors Essay

    We had to write an essay based on a personal experience. I changed the names here of course. Please give me tips and corrections. All is appreciated and it's for honors english so be brutal.
    My Last Eighth Grade Game

    My last day of eighth grade softball was sad, scary, and fun. I remember it perfectly. The sun was shimmering over the freshly cut grass. The infield sparkled as it was being watered. If we won this game we would be in the championship game. To us eighth graders’ losing this first game was not an option.
    We began warming up in left field and glancing at the opposing team warming up in right field. I was not nervous at that time but something did seem different. In my heart I tried to treat that day as any other but my head knew that after that day I would no longer be a hornet, instead I would become a bee.
    The first game went by quickly and we won by a decent margin. Our confidence was up and we were ready for our next game, the championship. We were playing our rival, Ritchie County. The year before they beat us in the championship game and we were determined not to let it happen again. Warm ups went as usual but this time I had a lot more nerves. I kept thinking, “This is my last game as an eighth graders.” I was afraid that I was not going to do well, afraid that my last game would be a bad one.
    We were the away team this game and Brianna was stepping into the batters box Taylor and I were taking practice swings behind the fence. Taylor turned to me and said, “I am nervous. That has never happened before.” I looked at her and I suddenly became aware that I was shaking all over. “Yeah me too!” I replied. We both knew why we were nervous but knew better than to say it then.
    The game went on and was tied for a while. Then slowly, they started to edge away from us. One run, two runs, three runs, the score kept rising but we never gave in. We kept our heads up and our spirits high. It was the sixth inning and I could start to feel the emotion rising inside me but I would not let it take over me. There was still a game to play.
    We ended up losing…again. Surprisingly, it did not hurt too much because I knew we played a great game. We got awarded second place and watched our rivals get first. They walked up slowly, as if they knew they were going to win all along. As I watched I felt an anger roar inside me but I knew I could not do anything about it. I can still remember their gloating faces and evil grins. They were trying their hardest to get us upset. They could not though; we felt that even though we lost we would not change anything. Then certain players were honored, something no one had any idea was going to happen.
    The people that headed the tournament made the announcement after the main award ceremony. I figured one player from each team would be selected and I thought that either Liz or Sam would get it for our team. Liz ended up getting selected and getting the medal. Our whole team cheered for her. Then it happened. Something I truly did not expect, I was also selected to the All-Tournament Team.
    It felt surreal to me as I walked up and accepted my award. I saw flashes from different cameras and heard the many cheers from the stands and my teammates. That moment was the proudest I have ever been of myself. The fact that I was selected for the All-Tournament Team was an honor not only for me but for my team as well. It was not my sole efforts that got me the medal but the combined efforts of my team. If it were not for them I probably would not have gotten the medal. To some people a medal may seem small but to me, on that day, it meant everything.
    After I got the medal Liz and I went back and sat with our team. Then out of nowhere I felt suddenly scared. We were no longer eighth graders. We were freshmen.
    No, freshman did not sound that great but it defiantly sounded better than eighth grader.
    Today the medal hangs on the wall in my room and anytime I feel like giving up I look at it and remember that day and how I felt. It gives me great inspiration anytime I need it.

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    Re: Honors Essay

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    All is appreciated and it's for honors English so be brutal.
    Are they testing your English expression or ours? If we do really well, who gets the honours?

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