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    I have some doubts about using the word "even".

    Shall I use it before a verb? before a noun? anywhere?

    Could you write down a phrase using even in different places in the same sentence without changing the meaning?

    For example:

    I can't even understand it in my own language
    I can't understand it even in my own language.

    Are both of them correct? Neither of them? either of them?

    Thanks in advance :)

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    Re: Even

    It will alter the meaning.

    Both sentences are correct grammatically, but in the first sentence, the position of "even" emphasizes your lack of understanding; in the second sentence it emphasizes the incomprehensible nature of the word/sentence whatever the language.

    Even now, the weather reports are wrong. > emphasizes the present

    Now, even the weather reports are wrong. > emphasizes the reports are wrong


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