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    names of different tenses

    if someone could help me with them. The grammar book I'm studying all lump them up into one catagory: helping verbs. But I'd like to know if most people have and use names for the different types of tenses. Here are the sentences I wish to know the names of the tenses they are of:

    I am taking her to the movie.

    He will be working for your father's law firm.

    I took the test and passed!

    She has taken the medicine for her cold.

    She had taken the job before she moved here.

    I have been thinking about going abroad for higher education.

    He had been living in France before he was caught.

    It would have cost me a fortune to buy that coat.

    He would have had completed the task if he had asked for help.

    It would have been better if we had gone.

    Thanks for anyone's help.

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    Re: names of different tenses

    See these websites for starters:

    English Grammar and Writing : English language courses, English Grammar Online

    ENGLISH PAGE - Simple Present

    Note that by clicking on the other names, it will tell you about each of the tenses so you can identify and understand them a little more.

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