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    come in

    Hello everyone

    I'd like to ask about the meaning of "come in" in the following context:

    When an image is captured on a digital camera’s CCD array, it
    then has to be transferred somewhere else for storage before the camera
    can take another picture. This storage is usually done on small,
    removable, high-tech discs that come in the same capacities already
    well familiar to us from computers.

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    Re: come in

    This is not 'come in' as in welcoming someone into your home.
    'come' here is used in the sense:
    be sold, available, or found in a particular form : "Does this shirt come in blue?" ""This car comes with metallic paint and GPS." "The food processor comes with all attachments for shredding and slicing."

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    Smile Re: come in

    I'm just watching some of the catch-ups of the X-Factor and I came across this advert:

    "Ac....l also comes in a delicious fat-free range."

    Just one other example from me.


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