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    is poised to become

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to help me to interpret the expression “is poised to become”?

    British actor Hugh Laurie is poised to become one of the highest-paid actors in U.S. television thanks to his work on "House," The Hollywood Reporter says.
    I know the meaning of “poise” = “to carry or hold in equilibrium; balance”, “to be balanced or held in suspension; hover” but I thing that in this case my interpretation of the term have to be “intend”, “prepare”, “get ready”.

    Would you be kind to recast the expression in comprehensible English?



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    Re: is poised to become

    The Cambridge online dictionary has a better description.

    poised adjective [after verb]
    1 describes an object or a part of your body that is completely still but ready to move at any moment:
    My pencil was poised over the page, ready to take down her words.

    2 ready to do a particular thing at any moment:
    [+ to infinitive] The company is poised to launch its new advertising campaign.
    The military forces are poised for attack.

    As you suspect, it means ready.

    I am not a teacher.
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