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    any grammar errors?


    The background is we have deposited a cheque issued by our customer and forgot to write the account number to deposit to. The cheque was bounced and returned to the customer. Because the fault lies in us, we want to write a email to request this customer to send us a replacement cheque. Can you kindly go through the sentences below and let me know it sounds polite and grammatically correct. Thanks.

    "We believe you are busy lately and has overlooked our earlier email reminder to request a replacement for the bounced cheque mentioned below. We apologise for the inconveniences caused and if the bank charges you for the bounced cheque, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will reimburse the bank charges to you.

    We would appreciate if you could send us the replacement cheque as soon as possible."

    Many Thanks

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    Re: any grammar errors?

    A "bounced check" is returned only when there are NSF (non sufficient funds) in the account.

    Are you sure that the check was returned because you did not put the account number on it?

    Did you put your deposit slip with this check?

    The fact that you still are not paid makes me suspicious.

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