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    E-mail reply

    Hi folks..

    I got just one question...I request to change my department 3 months ago and i got a reply just yesterday..i have no idea how to reply..I was thinking something like..Dear ***(her name)..Thank you very much for your reply ..and from here i have no idea and in the end something like.. I look forward to hearing from you...Kindest regards..My name and surname
    And I would like to tell her that I will leave the country this Friday...

    If you have any idea pls let me know..thank you in advance

    Her name and surname

    Good Morning

    Please e-mail me if you are still interested in *** employment in our company

    Thank You.

    Her name and surname
    Operations Manager
    company ***

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    Re: E-mail reply

    Thank you for your offer, however I am leaving the country soon and will not be able to accept employment in (country) after (date you are leaving.)

    Again, thank you for contacting me.

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