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    Methodology vs Methods


    I am struggling a comment from my supervisor about writing methodology in my thesis. In the methodology section I described all methods that are used in my research. How ever, the feed back said that they are not methodology.

    What should we write about methodology? Is that only a general method, for example "The methodology in this research is "try and error". Does it make sense?


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    Re: Methodology vs Methods

    Methodology is the general term to describe, as a whole, a system of methods (within a disipline/practice).

    Possible aternatives to your sentence

    In my research, I have used a method of trial and error.

    In my research, a method of trail and error has been used.

    In my research, I have taken a trail and error approach.

    In my research, a trail and error approach has been taken.

    I am not a teacher.

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