Good evening.

Today I have read a text about the Elizabethan Worldview.
I wouldn't say that the text is difficult but there is one problem I have got.
There are many passages which include the vocabulary "man".
Normally this wouldn't disturb me but let's take a look at the following example:

"Man was a mediator between himself and the universe."

Man can mean a male person. The plural would be men.
Man can also mean a human. The plural would be men,too.

I would say that in the example given above "man" has the same meaning as human.
If so why wouldn't I say "The man was a mediator between himself and the universe"?

Is "man" generalized in the example given above?

Second question: realistic /realistically

The trumpet sounds realistically. (realistic is connected to the verb so I have to use an adverb, or not? Should I say "The trumpet sounds realistic? I am confused just right now... :( )

He played Macbeth realistically.

Is this house realistic?

Wile the adjective has no L the adverb exists only with two Ls. Normally an adverb would only have two Ls when the basic form ends with one L, wouldn't it?

I would be very grateful if you could help me.

Best wishes Maluues