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    Grammar and spelling

    Need help on editing grammar and spelling.

    essay on a folktale quest, that is made up.

    Scuba Diving Adventure
    Dakota knew that it was going to be a horrible day when his alarm clock went off 20 minutes late. He had realized at that point he was going to be late for his Mexican scuba diving trip. Dakota who was twenty five years old, tall, handsome, with a muscular built, runs to the boat in such a hurry that he makes it as the crew is untying the rope from the dock. Dakota jumps aboard not knowing that they have just taken role call and he is not on the captain’s list.
    Dakota was on the boat for about an hour until they arrived at the safe area that they were going to go scuba diving. The crew anchored the boat and told everyone not to get into the water until further instruction. Eventually, the crew tells everyone to climb down the ladder into the water, one by one. Once everyone gets into the water, and gets settled, everyone is instructed to resurface in two hours to get back on the boat and head to shore.
    An hour later, Dakota who is alone realizes that his watch is not waterproof and has stopped working. At this point, Dakota tries to take it off and fix it, but as he was struggling to take it off, it falls out of his hands. It lands in a pile of seaweed that is too deep and too tangled up to retrieve.
    As Dakota is frantically trying to get up to resurface, he gets tangled up seaweed. He starts panicking and breathing heavily because he doesn’t know what to do. He grabs his pocket knife out of his swim shorts and cuts his way loose.
    Finally, when Dakota gets up and surfaces, he begins to realize that he is alone and the boat left without him. He hopes for a boat to come by while he is floating in the water, a shark comes towards him, and while he is trying to float away, the shark pulls off one of Dakota’s flippers. Dakota was in the army for two years and while he was in the army, he dabbled in boxing. While the shark pulled off one of his flippers, Dakota hit him with his fist and poked him in the eye.
    After about two more hours of floating in the water, Dakota falls asleep. He begins to wake up and realizes that a cruise ship had just gone past him. He tries screaming for them to come back, but they are too far away to hear him.
    About one hour later, after treading water, Dakota felt like he was going to drown. He was exhausted and loosing hope. He had memories of High school where he was a champion swimmer, and his survival skills kicked in. After continual prayer, Dakota finally saw a scuba diving boat that eventually picked him up and saved his precious life.

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    Re: Grammar and spelling

    Firstly, go through your story and check the tenses. You begin in the past tense ('he knew') but lapse into the present tense at times.

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