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    ill at easy

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am on the right way by the interpretation of the expression in bold in the following excerpt from the Blavatsky’s “From the caves and jungles of Hindustan”

    Akali did not attempt either to give him his blessing or to shake hands with him.
    The proud expression of his face also changed,
    and showed confusion and anxious
    humility instead of the usual self
    -respect and self-sufficiency. The brave Sikh knelt
    down before
    the Takur, and instead of the ordinary "Namaste!"--"Salutation to you,"
    whispered reverently, as if addressing the Guru of the Golden
    Lake: "I am your servant,
    Sadhu-Sahib! give me your blessing!"
    Without any apparent reason or cause, we all felt self-conscious and ill at ease, as if guilty of some indiscretion.

    I think that "ill at easy" is an antonym of “at easy”

    at easy = at one's ease: comfortable, relaxed, unembarrassed

    ill at easy = uncomfortable, uneasy

    Thank you or your efforts.



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    Re: ill at easy

    ill at ease = uncomfortable, uneasy

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