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Thread: do or make

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    do or make

    when may I use "do" or "make"

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    Exclamation Re: do or make

    Quote Originally Posted by josemaria.morales View Post
    when may I use "do" or "make"
    The two verbs are often confused. The meanings are similar, but there are differences.
    Use the verb 'do' to express daily activities or jobs that produce no physical object.
    Examples: do homework
    do housework
    do the ironing
    do a job

    I'm not doing anything today.
    He does everything for his mother.

    Use 'make' to express an activity that creates something that you can touch.
    Examples: make food
    make a cup of tea / coffee
    make a mess

    make plans
    There are a number of standard expressions that take the verb 'make'.
    Examples: make an exception
    make arrangements
    make a telephone call
    make a decision
    make a mistake

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