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    Question I have several new questions about learning English words.

    1.How many English words are supposed to be mastered really speak a English language fluently just like a English native speaker?

    2.How many English words does a foreigner who would like to go to work and life aboard have to know?

    3.And how many words at least you ought to learn per day for improving English language skills to a native lever?

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    Re: I have several new questions about learning English words.


    You want to reach to native speakers level, so how do you limit the words you`ve got to learn??

    Its better to read a lot of short stories, and to have a general knowledge to be capable to discus anyone about any thing (Fluent).

    Practice a lot thats most important thing.

    As you said. you want to be fluent so do your best to achieve that, (don't limit yourself).
    but at least I think 10 words per day will be fine at beginning

    Wish you the best

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    Re: I have several new questions about learning English words.

    It's not simply a question of learning numbers of words. If you know how to use a word in many contexts, isn't that better than simply knowing a large number of words? You can get by on a couple of thousand words, but how many words are here: know, known and unknown?

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