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    What does "mamsy-pamsy" mean?

    What does "mamsy-pamsy" mean here?
    I failed to find the meaning of this slang on my dictionaries and through the Internet.
    I got many hits for it on Google Web, but none provides its meaning.

    I think it's ridiculous. They need to have guidelines and a little bit of pressure. I mean, it's tough out there once you get out of high school. We're already mamsy-pamsy enough for our kids.

    Quoted from CNN Student News Transcript: September 19, 2008 -

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    Re: What does "mamsy-pamsy" mean?

    I don't think it's particularly common. But it generally seems to be used as a substitute of "wussy" or "namby-pamby," which is probably the phrase from which it is derived.

    In reference to parenting skills, "mamsy-pamsy" could refer to parents that are very protective of their children. Not protective in the stereotypically "manly" sense that a father would be protective of his daughter if a boy wanted to take her out. More protective in the sense of mollycoddling or pampering them.

    In the article they are talking about a new grading system of which the perception is that it makes it more difficult for children to fail, and that is seen as being an overprotective system, because it protects them from failure, when (in this person's view) they should have to fail if they don't do well enough the first time around.

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