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Thread: A * mask?

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    A * mask?

    This is ridiculously vague, but unfortunately I can't explain it any better! Help would be greatly appreciated =]

    I'm trying to remember a term I have heard, used to describe one who presents a front in order to hide the truth (whether the truth is good or bad, I'm unsure if that matters). At first I was sure that it was something along the lines of "a *'s mask/a * mask" (* being some person's name, the person that this saying is named after, someone in history who was guilty of some kind of deception, or who simply wore a mask, I don't know!) I really cannot think of what it could be. Perhaps the word is not even mask. But I am quite sure the first part of the saying is someone's name. Someone historical (really narrows it down, I know). Pleeeeeease if anyone can even slightly be able to tell what I might be on about, let me know!

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    Re: A * mask?

    A person can put up a front . . .

    A person can hide behind a mask (of deceit0

    A person can mask his affliction (shyness, scars)

    A person can be two-faced (nice one minute, speak bad of you in the next conversation with others)

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