My teacher asked me to write a composition discussing the following statement:"There should be a complete ban on the advertising of dangerous products like cigarettes and alcohol".

Nowadays the attractive advertising of cigarettes and alcohol are a great reason for trying them and in a second moment be addicted the whole life. But many healthy people argue that there should be a complete ban, thinking also about young people that are attracted to try only for imitation. I will discuss both points of view and express my own opinion.

On one hand we have to think to the important role of publicity in our life. It makes you buy what you have never thought about. Although it's an important method for the people that work in selling them. Thank to the publicity ,they can soon widespread their products.

On the other side of the argument, everybody knows how these products dangerous are. They can damage our body and bring it to cancer in a few years. But only a few people give up, and the most of the time because they are already ill. The information about the bad effects of cigarettes and alcohol are also on the top of the packet of cigarettes that we buy, but I know that the smokers make a laught when they read it.

On balance, it seems to me that a complete ban is impossible to propone, because if something is banned, it attracks more people. So I think that we need the freedom of doing what we want of our life,the only thing we have to respect always are the others people.

thanks in advance for the correction of my composition!!!!