Clothes, cars, jewelry are all items that completely waste your money. I for one have bigger expectations, my goals are more important than any other piece of clothing or jewelry or even a car. The world must be addressed first and foremost. To become a perfect living habitat, to have no social boundaries, we must address the world before ourselves.By helping the world, I would feel satisfied. The way I have handled and managed money before makes me an ideal choice for the large sum of money. My attitude and characteristics present me as a noble trustworthy person who is very responsible when it comes to money. The way the world is advancing people are becoming more and more Ďfancyí which is leaving their wallets
or purses very empty. However Iím a simple person who just sticks to the basics of live and never spend more then my limit. I may be fanatic but is the world a perfect place? I think not, but with money anything is possible. One hundred thousands dollars is a lot of money, falling into
a greedy persons hands will just add to distortion of all the homeless and people who are suffering. My personality is what sets me apart from anybody else. Based on my qualifications and diligence towards taking care of the world, I am the ideal candidate for the receipt of one
hundred thousand dollars.(Thesis)

Trust is a very big issue, a person can lie and deceit you for money, but with me there is no problem I really do not care about money. Iíve handled money previously with no problems. The anxiety of taking money got to me, but I remained calm and I stuck to my morals and
eventually money did not become so important to me. In my sophomore year in elementary school, many fund-raisers were being held and there was no one in charge of handling and counting the money. Out of hundreds of students I was chosen to handle the money. At the end of the day when the money was counted, my teacher found out that there was more
money then what all the receipts showed so he became dumbfounded with joy and put me in charge of all jobs that included handing and sorting money. This story shows you how responsible I am with money. Even my principle precluded that I was great at managing money.Bright with promise, I stand before you. Not pleading nor begging just simply
asking for you to take a look at me and give me the money. Not only do I manage money efficiently I know the struggle that comes with earning money. I worked at Tim Hortons and worked very hard to earn every penny of my paycheck. Truth be told money does not come easy,
something that I experienced first hand. Although you would be losing a lot of money imagine the benefits, your face would be blooming with all the good karma you would receive for giving me money to help the world. Teens who have money only have one motif to spend it, I save
mine. My ability to manage money is unbelievable, which makes me ideal for the one hundred thousand dollars.

With money anything is achievable. The world is need of care, ask todayís youth about the world or the environment that they live in, you will not find one that is as passionate as I am. I could help the world become a better place. The way I see the world is unparallel, it is the same
way I see my family. With money I could make a shelter for the poor, I can start and education system thatís free the possibilities are endless. I want to help, I can help, and I will do everything in my power to make the world a better place.The consequences of human actions
towards giving back to the community is very acute. On the news you always hear about deaths or robberies you are very unlikely to hear about someone helping the world in a positive matterthat is because no one who wants to make a change has enough money to do anything significant
with you money I will be able to have a positive impact on the world. I could do so many things, maybe I canít end world poverty but I can help reduce some of the poverty. If you gave the money to someone else what would the use it on? Probably clothes, electronics or anything
they can get amusement out of. Most importantly what would they be doing for you? Absolutely nothing. If you give me the money you will know its going to a good cause. I am the kind of person who knows what needs to be done, who perseveres through everything and who intends to accomplish all his goals. The way I see the future is a dream but with your money it will become a reality.

There may be a millions of people that you may have to choose from but my personal characteristics is what sets me apart from everyone else. My morals mean everything to me. I like to compare myself to the Great Gatsby as he had knack to transform his hopes in reality.
My three qualities that distinguish me as a human being are: considerate, caring and compassionate. The way I care for the environment, itís like it was family. I devoted my time to take care of living things which is why I use my money for necessary things. Iím very considerate
I never get into all those personal things itís always about other people first. I really want to make everyone happy. Lastly, Iím very compassionate any little thing that I can do to help someone Iíll do it. One by one each of those characteristics might not stand out but all together makes
an ideal person. I like to take a stand in what I believe in, what I believe is with the proper funds I will make the world a better place. I will do anything to help out anyone. I believe that if you help someone who is not doing so well then they some how gain the strength to repay you
some how. If you give me the money Iíll promise that you wonít regret it.

In conclusion, Iím the ideal candidate for this sum of money due to my discipline and will to mitigate all the problems in the world and in our environment. Our unyielding faith that is faced with impossible odds can be overcome if you have the determination to succeed. Many
people will grovel and beg for your money for their own reasons. However I simply pose one question: Do you want to fulfill one persons dream or would you want to fulfill thousands of peoples dreams? Iíve handled money previously and managed to save eighty-percent of it which shows you that I wonít spend it all in one instantaneous moment. I care enough about the world to put time and effort to help build a better place. My qualities shows me as a responsible diligent person. If your going to means your decision on a person with a legitimate reason then Iím your boy and I will make use of your hundred thousand dollars to make everyoneí lives
By: Ricky Z