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Thread: Pandora's box

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    Pandora's box

    Does anybody know here who wrote Pandora's box?

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    Re: Pandora's box

    It is a very ancient Greek myth, and there is no author for myths.

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    Exclamation Re: Pandora's box

    As revealed by Anglika, no body had written Pandora’s box which is a mythology. I, out of curiosity tried to dig out and got the following facts.
    According to Greek mythology, ''Pandora's box'' is the large jar carried by a woman called Pandora that contained all the evils of mankind—greed, vanity, slander, lying, envy, pining—and hope. The mythology goes like this:
    At one time the only mortals on the earth were men. Prometheus had made them, Athene had breathed life into them. However, the chief god Zeus did not like them. Prometheus is a Titan known for his wily intelligence. One day he stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals for their use. After Prometheus' theft of the secret of fire, Zeus ordered Hephaestus (He was the god of technology )to create the woman Pandora as part of the punishment for mankind. Pandora was given many seductive gifts from Aphrodite, Hermes, Charites, and Horae. Pandora came to earth with lot of gifts and seduced Epimetheus the brother of Prometheus. Prometheus warned his brother Epimetheus not to accept any gifts from Zeus, but Epimetheus did not listen, and married Pandora. Pandora had been given a large jar and instructed by Zeus to keep it closed, but she had also been given the gift of curiosity, and ultimately opened it. When she opened it, all of the evils of mankind escaped from the jar, although Pandora was quick enough to close it again and keep one value inside: hope.”
    The original Greek word used was “pithos” which is a large jar as large as an adult human. The mistranslation of pithos as "box" is usually attributed to the 16th century humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam when he translated Hesiod's tale of Pandora into Latin. Erasmus, however, translated pithos into the Latin word pyxis, meaning "box". The phrase "Pandora's box" has continued to exist ever since.


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