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    steal over mind and body

    From a short story called " Death in the Woods"

    Ina woods, in the late afternoon, when the trees are all bare and there is white snow on the ground, when all is silent, something creepy steals over the mind and body. If something strange or uncanny has happened in the neighborhood all you think about is getting away from there as fast as you can.

    Hi teachers. I have no idea what the highlighted sentence means.

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    Re: steal over mind and body

    The world is silent and your mind develops a feeling that there is something about to happen. The feeling steals [creeps] over your mind.

    It is a horrid feeling! It leads to panic - To show you how old it is as a human sense, it was believed in ancient Greece that the nature god Pan was behind this feeling.

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    Re: steal over mind and body

    "something creepy steals over the mind and body" - you get an odd feeling that affects both your body and your mind'. The feeling 'steals over you' - it just grows from a tiny 'bad feeling', so slowly that you're unaware it's growing. This sort of 'steal' is related to the sort that involves robbery. A thief moves stealthily (although there's a different vowel sound in that case - /e/). Read more here:Online Etymology Dictionary


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