My teacher asked me to write a paragraph based on the following outline:

  • Have you ever been disciplined at school?
  • What punishment was it? Looking back, do you think it was fair?
  • What would you like it to have been?

Most of us were disciplined during our school days. And I am not the exception. When I was at grade 2, I saw some students climbing the schoolís gate enjoyably and then just aped. I didnít know that it was against the schoolís regulations. My teacher forced me to stand facing against the wall for an hour as a punishment. I was very ashamed. Looking back, I think it wasnít fair. It was quite strict to a grade-2 schoolgirl. Iíd rather somebody had told me that climbing the gate was wrong and gently told me not to do that again. In fact, I havenít committed it the second time.

Please help me to correct it.