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    I need help writing sentences with the word its, it's, their, there, they're, conscious, conscience, compliment, and complement. But the trick is, the complete sentences must be creative and about family. I'm not creative.

    I have an eight year old and a one year old daughter. I live Madison WI. I am 31 yrs old and returned back to school. I'm at work right now. I'm a Claims examiner. I live in a 2br apartment, I love animals especially cats and one day I hope to marry.

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    Re: Confusing Words

    We do not do people's assignments for them, but are very happy to advise on what they have made an effort to write.

    I suggest you try thinking of sentences using these words, post them here, and someone may be able to comment. Even simple sentences will do.

    Are you taking a creative writing course, or just trying to improve your English?

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