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    Gap fill exercise...

    Hello there, can someone please help me with this. What exactly in this case is meant by 'gap fill exercise?'
    I don't want the answers, I would just like the following question explained.
    The words in bold do not mean the same as the words next to them - so how do I make the sentence? Should I include both words? Why are the second words there, if they do not mean the same as the first ones?

    "Prepare a gap fill exercise by writing 8 sentences for each of the 8 words in bold below:
    advise / advice; shortly / briefly; check / control; compliments / complements; principal / principle; conform / confirm; notes / notices; income / salary;

    Thanks, I'm confused...


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    Re: Gap fill exercise...

    For example, write a sentence with a gap that should contain the word 'advise' then present it to students with both 'advise' and 'advice' as options for filling the gap, the student has to choose the correct option. This is also called a 'Cloze test'.

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    Re: Gap fill exercise...


    Great, thanks a lot.
    I find sometimes that understanding the questions is harder than answering them, smile... Much obliged.


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