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Demand for properties is rapidly increasing in the Bangalore and market pressures on buyers and sellers alike make it more complicated especially for the buyers to choose a right professional guidance. Adding to the confusion is the quality and amenities offer by the listless of a known and unknown companies. And that makes you procrastinate your time in making your decision and as a result you ended up in the property which you least like, just because you were confused by the companies.

If you are one of them you are reading a right article that will change your whole life and perspective. On demand, DS-Max research and find a specific solution for property confusion in which we will reveal some of them here on, how to choose a right properties company?

Are you excited? Here we go!
- Do your sums and be realisticabout how much you could afford.Set yourself a budget and stick to it. There's nothing worse than finding a dream home that's just not affordable.

- Get a lawyer to look at the propertybefore you commit to buying it; this is especially important as making sure there are no local disputes and approved.
- Location is everything.Make sure you visit the area you're thinking of buying in more than once, ideally at different times of the year. How far is it from the nearest airport, shop, restaurant, doctor, hospital, fire station? Is the area you're interested in well regarded by property investors? Are there any future developments planned? These issues are easily overlooked, but vital if you're planning on spending long holidays there, moving over permanently, renting the property out when you're not there and/or selling on in the future.
- Do your research. Make sure the asking price is fair for the area and get a good information about the value and appreciation. Have a chat with some of the locals to find out more about the area and the type of people who could end up being your neighbors - this will usually give you a good idea about whether it's the right place for you.
- BE INFORMATIVE.Make contacts Before you go, by looking for properties on the internet and calling to the customer care, so you can arrange viewings before you actually arrive.
- Don't be blown off by what you've just read. Moving to a new apartment is not as daunting as it sounds. Yes, there's a lot to know, but with clear thinking and good advice you're half way there. If you're considering renting the place out when you're not using it, you'll need to think very carefully about location. To achieve the best rental income and bookings, you'll need somewhere near to the main tourist attractions and airport. You'll also need to think about who will look after it when you're not there, especially if you have extensive gardens or a swimming pool.
There are lots more to discuss in the next edition. Some of the topics we’ll be covering includes WORK, RELATIVES, AMENITIES etc. Till then have a quick look on some of the services we can give to you,
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