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    partner, prepared to scale

    PO is meant to be customized to what an individual company needs
    rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to the recruitment function. A good
    recruitment partner must be agile and prepared to scale its support as
    client needs fluctuate. When done correctly, it is clear that RPO
    helps build stronger teams, which positively affects customer satisfaction
    and improves business results. The right RPO partner will offer:
    Please explain the emboldened parts.

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    Re: partner, prepared to scale

    Not a teacher

    Partner=another business entity (company or other organization) or person who will work with you on what is described in the paragraph (recruitment, I believe).

    Prepared to scale=the partner will need to be able to adjust their plans and practices as the needs of the clients change. In other words, they will need to be flexible.

    The paragraph is saying that an effective RPO will need to be flexible and adaptable, not a "one-size-fits-all" type. One-size-fits-all means that something will be done the same way no matter what the situation. I don't know what RPO stands for, but I'm assuming you do.

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