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    solid track record, strategies

    RPO is meant to be customized to what an individual company needs
    rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to the recruitment function. A good
    recruitment partner must be agile and prepared to scale its support as
    client needs fluctuate. When done correctly, it is clear that RPO
    helps build stronger teams, which positively affects customer satisfaction
    and improves business results. The right RPO partner will offer:

    Expertise and a solid track record. Companies are looking to leverage
    RPO providers who offer best practices when it comes to volume
    recruitment strategies.

    Please explain the emboldened parts to me.

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    Re: solid track record, strategies

    Not a teacher.

    Solid track record=a history of success regarding the area mentioned

    Volume recruitment strategies=the ways that someone goes about volume recruiting

    The paragraph with the bold words is basically saying that an RPO partner will be an expert at what they do with proven past performance (track record). They will also have effective methods (strategies) for volume recruiting and their methods will be the best.

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