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    upfront diagnostic, agreed-upon metics, when variable cost models

    Cost control. Savings can be spread across an organization when
    recruitment efficiencies occur or when variable cost models are employed. An
    upfront diagnostic can identify many of the hidden flaws in the
    internal recruiting process, while mutually agreed-upon metrics can ensure
    that the results are achieved both on time and on budget.

    Please explain the emboldened parts to me.

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    Re: upfront diagnostic, agreed-upon metics, when variable cost models

    Not a teacher.

    Variable cost models=an industry/economics specific term. From my understanding, it is a business model where a business maintains as little fixed costs as possible to be more flexible. Since I am not involved in this field, it would be better if you found an expert to explain this to you.

    Upfront diagnostic=An analysis that is honest and impartial. Upfront implies honesty and bluntness, and a diagnostic is like an examination.

    Agreed-upon metrics=standards that all parties have agreed to adopt.

    The paragraph is basically saying that a company can save money when variable cost models are used (you should find out more about this from someone in business). An honest and fair evaluation of the company's internal recruiting process will show what problems there are, and all involved parties will agree on ways to solve the problems.


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