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Thread: A Conundrum

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    A Conundrum

    I have some difficulty in understanding the following sentence in blue:

    "Place the emphatic words of a sentence at the end
    The effectiveness of the periodic sentence arises from the prominence which it gives to the main statement.
    Four centuries ago, Christopher Columbus, one of the Italian mariners whom the decline of their own republics had put at the service of the world and of adventure, seeking for Spain a westward passage to the Indies as a set-off against the achievements of Portuguese discoverers, lighted on America.With these hopes and in this belief I would urge you, laying aside all hindrance, thrusting away all private aims, to devote yourselves unswervingly and unflinchingly to the vigorous and successful prosecution of this war."

    Kindly give me a hint and thanks again.

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    Re: A Conundrum

    You have to know what a periodic sentence is:

    A periodic sentence (also called a period) is a sentence that is not grammatically complete until its end. Periodicity is accomplished by the use of parallel phrases or clauses at the opening or by the use of dependent clauses preceding the independent clause; that is, the kernel of thought contained in the subject/verb group appears at the end of a succession of modifiers. (source: Wikipedia)

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