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    Best way of teach Sentence Structure

    Pls suggest me on teaching Sentence Structure. What's the best way to make students familiar to S.S from beginning to advance level?
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    Re: Best way of teach Sentence Structure

    You could start off with the nucleus of the sentence, the verb, and all its forms. Then add in the subject to form SV, or intransitive patterns. Then move onto the verb's object to form SVO, or transitive structures, and then copular structures (SV-Subject Complement); then add in prepositional phrases as prepositions have objects too, and that will lead you into ditransitive structures SV-DO-IO. Then introduce SVOC (C = complement) structures, and then SVO-Adjective Structures.

    The 7 basic sentence patterns:

    1. S-V Angry customers complain.
    2. S-V-O The manager helped us gladly.
    3. S-LV-N Her decision was a mistake.
    4. S-LV-Adj My friend looked pale.
    5. S-V-IO-O Her cousin showed visitors the capital.
    6. S-V-O-OC They called the anonymous benefactor a saint.
    7. S-V-O-Adj We painted the house green.

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