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    how can I improve my language.

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    I had some tips:
    1 - Reed newspapers in english like Times, Finacial Times
    2 - Tall with you mom. I know, she donīt understand nothing, but you canīt talk with someone.
    3 - Buy a magazines, and reed it :D
    4 - Look up, for someone, how can chat you into the internet.

    I hope, help you

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    Re: help

    Quote Originally Posted by juampiok View Post
    I had some tips:
    1 - Read newspapers in English like Times, Financial Times
    2 - Tall with your mom. I know, she doesn't understand anything, but you canīt talk with someone.but at least you can practice speaking English.
    3 - Buy a magazine, and read it :D
    4 - Look up, for someone, how can chat you into the internet.Look for a site on the internet where you can chat.

    I hope, help you
    All good advice [though I think the Financial Times is flying a bit high]!

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    It's really important to follow these steps:

    1) LISTENING - you must be able to understand what people say, so, practice listening as much as you can, use a mp3 player in a car, train etc, watch movies you like, and... make sure you will repeat them many times.

    Is step 1 OK? feeling like talking to people? If so, go forward! step 2:

    2) TALKING - you must talk to people once you already understand almost everything they say, you need to practice everyday, talk to native speakers, make new friends over the world.

    Can talk to people? Can they understand you? Good, keep up the work!

    3) READING and WRITING - ok, you are a winner just because you are able to communicate, now it's time to starting reading and writing a little bit, however, make sure you will use steps 1 and 2 for ever, you must continue using those 2 first skills. Ok, start reading simple texts, children's books, simple novels and as you feel it's possible go forward, do it! And, finally, it's time to use a grammar book, rules are really important for better communicating.

    tips: Do not forget this
    a) English is a new language, then stop think about it, stop thinking about grammar rules.
    b) Do not translate to your language and then to English, face it like a new tool.
    c) Do not force yourself to speak whether you can't do it, no worries.
    d) Internet has lots of free videos, podcast, radios, download them and listen to them carefully.
    e) Have fun.

    Well, most of the internet sites about English Learning say the same thing I just wrote, I learned this from them. Unfortunatelly, I started this process reading and writing, now it's not that fun learning this new language. But It's Ok, I think that's it, maybe a teacher comes to proofread my text and share with us their advices to improve our language skills.

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