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Thread: Fifth row

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    Fifth row

    He was at home in New York--there was his own house with "the kind of servants you can't get any more"--and his own family, of which, because of his good humor and a certain ability to make things go, he was rapidly becoming the center, and the débutante parties, and the correct manly world of the men's clubs, and the occasional wild spree with the gallant girls whom New Haven only knew from the fifth row.

    What is meaning of
    "the correct manly world of the men's clubs".
    What is meaning of "fifth row".


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    Re: Fifth row

    Literally, 'fifth row' refers to the fifth row of a theatre. However, it is meant more figuratively: the girls with whom they had wild sprees (that is, were on intimate terms with) were the kind of girls that the very correct people of New Haven would only 'know' as patrons of the theatres in which the girls would perform. The closest the men of New Haven got to 'associating' with these kind of girls was as if 'fives rows from the stage'. It is figuratively suggesting a degree of social distance from these girls, where apart from legitimate theatre, any girl who appeared on a stage in a theatre must be of low morals.
    Apparently, this view held for these girls, who were 'up for', 'game for' (gallant girls) a wild spree!


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