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    Could you correct this sentence, please?

    The sentence: „I don’t like very science-fiction films and this seems at least a little science-fiction.

    1) I suppose the first mistake is to write: …seems to be at least a little… - is it true? Is the sentense possible to write without the „to be“?

    2) My teacher told me I can’t write „I don’t like very science-fiction“, but „much“ instead of „very“. Is it true? I believe her, but I think that when I write that it is „very science-fiction“, then, it is right, isn’t it?

    Thanks, Lenka

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    You teacher is correct: "I don't like much".
    There is a bit of a sci-fi twist to it.


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    You could write:
    I don’t like science-fiction very much. ;-0


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