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    average internet surfer is always on the move

    Welcome to our personal development articles directory. Here are some inspirational thoughts we have written on self help. These positive thoughts are short messages specially designed for the average internet surfer is always on the move.

    Please explain the emboldened parts.

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    Re: average internet surfer is always on the move

    Take me as an example of an 'average internet surfer' (I'm not sure I am...). I usually read this forum from my house. But at the moment I'm at a business where I usually teach, using their wireless network. They have hundreds of conference rooms on this campus, and I might log in from any of them. I'm always 'on the move'. And even when I'm at home, I have a wireless network. So I may log in from many different rooms.

    Also, my laptop is configured to use a dynamic IP Address. So even when I'm in one place I may seem to be on the move -as far as a network analyst is concerned. The writer of your quote may have this in mind, as it's easier for an 'average internet user' to ^let the computer and ISP^ do all the work, rather than maintain a static IP Address.

    "On the <whatever>" is an informal (but not slangy) way of saying 'in the process of <whatever>. There are several collocations I can think of:

    on the move - moving
    on the fiddle - involved in some sort of fraud
    on the take - habitually receiving bribes
    on the make - brazenly ambitious
    on the mend - recovering after an injury
    on the sly - surreptitiously
    on the wane - getting weaker or smaller
    on the up - getting better
    on the slide - getting worse
    on the turn - of the tide, changing direction
    on the trot/bounce - twice or more in succession
    on the rebound - either literally (of a ball) or figuratively (of a sexual relationship started soon after a break-up)
    on the scrounge - trying to get things without paying for them

    Although 'on the ...' isn't necessarily slang, the choice of word that follows it can result in a slang expression: a person of either sex intent on getting a sexual partner can be said to be 'on the pull'; and that should certainly be avoided at a vicar's tea-party.


    PS I just noticed there is a missing "who" in your quote: 'the average internet surfer, who is always on the move'
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