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    help me to correct my exam plz

    my english teacher gave me an exam and i have answered it but i want to be sure that my anser is correct before i show him my answer so i'll show u the exam and my answer and i hope to help me..thanks in advance ;)

    The exam

    Part 1
    * Choose the right words from a, b, c or d:

    1."john isn't sure that the meeting will be held tomorrow". "But I "
    ( )a- certain
    ( )b- certainly
    ( )c- am certain
    ( )d- am certainly

    2.Many people are waiting for the news bulletin. It will soon.

    ( )a- broadcast
    ( )b- broadcasted
    ( )c- broadcasts
    ( )d- be broadcasted

    3.His family keep asking him smoking.
    ( )a- give up
    ( )b- giving up
    ( )c- to give up
    ( )d- to giving up

    4.Guess who I yesterday. I met an old friend at the bank.
    ( )a- into run
    ( )b- into ran
    ( )c- ran into
    ( )d- run into

    5.He was have a doctor's appointment today.
    ( )a- supposed
    ( )b- supposing
    ( )c- supposed to
    ( )d- supposing to

    6.The lone woman was the cruel thief.
    ( )a- afraid of
    ( )b- afraid about
    ( )c- afraid for
    ( )d- afraid that

    7.The new teacher loves poems and makes us
    ( )a- learning by heart them
    ( )b- heartily learn them
    ( )c- learn them by heart
    ( )d- learn them heartily

    8.My assistant michael will be in my absence.
    ( )a- charging
    ( )b- on charge
    ( )c- in charge
    ( )d- for charge

    9.We lived there ten years
    ( )a- for
    ( )b- during
    ( )c- since
    ( )d- while

    10.She the book on her desk.
    ( )a- lay
    ( )b- lied
    ( )c- laid
    ( )d- lain

    11.If one is to learn a language well, ..
    ( )a- it must be spoken regularly
    ( )b- one must be spoken regularly
    ( )c- it must speak regularly
    ( )d- he must speak it regularly

    12. to the beach on the weekend.
    ( )a-Let's go
    ( )b- Let's going
    ( )c- Let's went
    ( )d- Let's to go

    13."Excuse me. Where is the post office?" "It is of this large old hotel over there".
    ( )a- in the front
    ( )b- on the front
    ( )c- in front
    ( )d- on front

    14.Why don't you try to come home 9 o'clock?
    ( )a- by
    ( )b- under
    ( )c- until
    ( )d- up to

    15.There hasn't
    ( )a- been a concert like this before
    ( )b- been a concert like before this
    ( )c- a concert been like this before
    ( )d- before a concert been like this

    16."Could you do me a small favour?" "I'm sorry. I "
    ( )a- am hurry
    ( )b- am in a hurry
    ( )c- have a hurry
    ( )d- am hurried

    17. who look for trouble usually find it.
    ( )a- Anyone
    ( )b- These
    ( )c- Those
    ( )d- Them

    18.I've never seen
    ( )a- such a tall man
    ( )b- so tall man
    ( )c- such tall man
    ( )d- as tall man

    19."Which horse came in first?" "That tall black one ".
    ( )a- has
    ( )b- is
    ( )c- was
    ( )d- did

    20.The electric light was invented in
    ( )a- the nineteenth century
    ( )b- nineteen centuries
    ( )c- century the nineteenth
    ( )d- nineteen century

    21. ended after 4 years in 1918.
    ( )a- World War First
    ( )b- World War I
    ( )c- First World War
    ( )d- World War the First

    22."Have you ever played tennis?" "Yes, I played it".
    ( )a- have
    ( )b- have ever
    ( )c- have been
    ( )d- had been

    23."Hello! John Smith speaking".
    ( )a- I'm
    ( )b- This is
    ( )c- There is
    ( )d- Here is

    24.The subway station is here.
    ( )a- near
    ( )b- near to
    ( )c- near from
    ( )d- nearing

    25.When we woke up, everywhere was snow.
    ( )a- covered
    ( )b- covered by
    ( )c- covered with
    ( )d- covering

    Part 2
    * Choose meanings of underlined words (*):

    1.Is there any decent restaurant in the vicinity*?
    ( )a- suburban area
    ( )b- niehgborhood
    ( )c- urban district
    ( )d- city

    2.We must learn to take life's vicissitudes* as they come.
    ( )a- changes of fortune
    ( )b- immutabilities
    ( )c- comedies
    ( )d- views

    3.Both teams are vying* for the championship.
    ( )a- dealing
    ( )b- competing
    ( )c- trifling
    ( )d- conceding

    4.The guards must be vigilant* at all times.
    ( )a- lax
    ( )b- oblivious
    ( )c- remiss
    ( )d- watchful

    5.Hemingway's writing is known for its vigorous* style.
    ( )a- lethargic
    ( )b- energetic
    ( )c- enervated
    ( )d- indolent

    6.Kidnapping is a vile* crime.
    ( )a- disgusting
    ( )b- appealing
    ( )c- sublime
    ( )d- exalted

    7.Why is Adel always trying to vilify* others' reputation?
    ( )a- elevate
    ( )b- slander
    ( )c- eulogize
    ( )d- acclaim

    8.After a week's growth of whiskers*, he looked like a shabby vagabond.
    ( )a- veterans
    ( )b- viands
    ( )c- hair growing on man's cheeks
    ( )d- victuals

    9.A capable leader knows how to wield* his power properly.
    ( )a- relinquish
    ( )b- renounce
    ( )c- remiss
    ( )d- manipulate

    10.He is as wily* as a fox in avoiding trouble.
    ( )a- artistic
    ( )b- cunning
    ( )c- guileless
    ( )d- forthright

    11.The government will not wink* at corruption.
    ( )a- connive
    ( )b- punish
    ( )c- investigate
    ( )d- pry into

    12.The farmer still used the old way to winnow* wheat.
    ( )a- blow off the chaff from
    ( )b- sow
    ( )c- scatter
    ( )d- disperse

    13.This girl has won many friends by her winsome* manner.
    ( )a- crafty
    ( )b- sweet
    ( )c- shrewd
    ( )d- wily

    14.The comedian's wisecracks* were irresistible.
    ( )a- smart talks
    ( )b- antics
    ( )c- vexations
    ( )d- hassles

    15.Nothing could withhold* him once he made up his mind.
    ( )a- award
    ( )b- reward
    ( )c- restrain
    ( )d- push

    16.The mountaineers went up a long zigzag* path before they reached the top of the hill.
    ( )a- straight
    ( )b- direct
    ( )c- winding
    ( )d- undeviating

    17.Do not honk in this residential zone*.
    ( )a- area
    ( )b- capital city
    ( )c- club
    ( )d- place

    18.No animosity* exists between classes in our society.
    ( )a- friendship
    ( )b- amity
    ( )c- goodwill
    ( )d- enmity

    19.Matter cannot be annihilated*.
    ( )a- renewed
    ( )b- invigorated
    ( )c- destroyed
    ( )d- fortified

    20.Time is an anodyne* of grief.
    ( )a- soothing agent
    ( )b- irritant
    ( )c- stimulant
    ( )d- energizer

    21.Lobna was devoid* of any personal desire for gain.
    ( )a- full
    ( )b- replete
    ( )c- furnished
    ( )d-empty

    22.He dictated the epitaph* to be engraved on his tombstone a week before his death.
    ( )a- jargon
    ( )b- aphorism
    ( )c- maxim
    ( )d-inscription

    23.Personal computers marked a new epoch* in history.
    ( )a- chapter
    ( )b- significance
    ( )c- title
    ( )d- era

    24.Gluttony* was regarded as one of the seven deadly sins.
    ( )a- avarice
    ( )b- pride
    ( )c- jealousy
    ( )d-excess in eating

    25.Keep the city clean; don't litter*.
    ( )a- splash water
    ( )b- spray
    ( )c- make noise
    ( )d-scatter things about

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    Re: help me to correct my exam plz

    part 1


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    Re: help me to correct my exam plz

    part 2

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