It is my first introductory litter here after being registered and recommended by my best friend. Since she told me about this terrific website I m really happy and excited, as I never been a good student of English and because of that I lost my percentage over all and simultaneously my grade. And now I m having problems with my routine life specially in my official matters where I have to write official letters and emails. So, I hope and expect that whenever I post any of my official matter here before accomplish for checking & correction you guys will definitely favors me, but I will request for your prompt reply as I have to send / forward them at the same day or near by.This is really very good site. I will definitely share my thoughts here in form of passage onward so that I can see myself where my English is standing and how much further hard work required to improve it, but I m sure there will be lots of mistakes whatever I have written so far, so lots of hard work required by you as well to make it into order. If you feel whole sentence need to be changed you can do it, I will appreciate that.Now, I must say sorry for my lots of grammatical mistakes which I would have surely done as I m very poor in it.In the end, I must say that God will certainly reward you for all your efforts for the mankind and bundles of thanks to my friend as well who shown me such handy platform.Thanking you,Sincerely,Shanz