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    a fit? throw a fit? what's the meaning?

    well, this is my first time doing this so i'm not sure what's the right thing to do, so please forgive me for many mistakes i made or i will made.
    anyway, i read a novel and there's something i really confuse on. it's here.

    “Just give me the chance to decide whether or not I’m going to throw a fit over taking you to the hospital.”
    He made a face of mock horror. “Please, not a fit!”

    “If you don’t let me see your hand, a fit is guaranteed.”

    i don't understand the word ' a fit ' here, nor ' throw a fit over '. so, can anyone help me, please?

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    Re: a fit? throw a fit? what's the meaning?

    "throwing a fit" is an expression that means to have a temper tantrum or emotional outburst.

    She threw a fit over the cost of the meal.

    Someone can also "throw a smile" and throw a glance." These are all idoms you will hear and see quite often in informal speech.

    She threw a smile my way and I knew she wanted to meet me.

    I will just throw a glance into that room to see if he is there.

    A glove "fits" a hand. That means it covers the hand exactly and is the correct size.

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