Studying in the United States is changing my lifestyle on the way I live, because I left my country and I am starting a new life in America. Moving from Honduras was a decision to better my education, it is a challenge but it will help me in the future. Especially the change to a new city and institution is making the experience even harder. In addition college environment is different to the one in high school because there is a heavier load of work and the expectation of your professors are higher. Socially I have experienced changes such as meeting new people and having a more outgoing attitude. With college higher standards it will make me acquire more knowledge. However adapting to my new life will bring me many changes and lessons to apply it on my every day life. I donít know how many changes I can take but the results of it will be visible at the end of the semester.

The most difficult change involves my social life because I come from a school were I was the popular kid. All the girls in school knew who I was but now I am making the transition of being undetermined by them. Sometimes I sit lonely in my room to see photos of my high school memories, remembering those good times but now I got to face my reality in college. In some of classes I do not even have someone to sit with or just to say hello. My classmates also came to study in the United States and are going to these same changes as well. I enrolled into a fraternity and I plan to join other extracurricular activities so I can keep myself busy. I am looking forward to make friends in these studentsí organizations.

Secondly, entering college is a completely new experience that brings among many new responsibilities that I didnít have in high school. The difference I have experienced between high school and college is that there is no one pushing you to do things. This is good because it gives me independence but its also bad because I am not used to remember much of my assignments as doing homework or studying for tests. In essence there are many new changes as you enter college. Another change is finding a job. In contrast of my country where I didnít need a job, in college students always need the extra cash so as a result I am getting a job. College itís a place to get mature. In high school I was use to fool around in class time with my friends. Now I have change that attitude and focus on what the teacher is talking about. There are many consequences if I do the contrary, as getting bad grades. If I get bad grades it is I losing the money and staying behind more years in college or going back to my country, so I got to get a grip and study hard.

Thirdly, another change I have encountered is living away from home and adapting to the whole college routine. My parents are not going to be there to take care of me anymore. Many unhealthy habits can come. I am afraid of gaining weight, because the food in college compared to the one in Honduras is trash and nasty. I got to keep a balance with what I eat and exercising. Sometimes I get homesick due to this reason, because my mother gave me many attentions I donít have here. She made me a fried chicken that would taste so good that when I finish eating, I would lick my fingers for sure. Another difference is that not many people play my favorite sport, soccer, so I might need to change my sport as well. Likewise another of my fears is becoming an alcoholic and dealing with peer pressure. Situations I didnít have to worry in my country. Also in my country the maid did everything for me. I was like a very spoiled kid, but here in order to be organized I need to make my chores. My dad opened a bank account for me. I am a big spender but now with other priorities on my way I am responsible of managing that money correctly and making sure it lasts for the whole semester.

Coming to live to the US has changed my lifestyle drastically, because I need to take more responsibilities about my acts and know the consequences if I do something incorrectly. I need to put my memories in the past so I can adapt completely to this change, of making new friends, deal with a new culture and living away from my family.