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    After repayment


    I read the following sentence in the media. I don’t understand why there is no ‘the’ before ‘repayment’.

    ‘The total gain on the two property sales totals approximately $1.5 Million. After repayment of first mortgage debt on the two properties, net cash proceeds totals $4.8 Million.’



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    Re: After repayment

    Hi musicgold

    As a Brit, but not a teacher, I would comment as follows:

    1. If "repayment of" were replaced by "repaying", the word "the" wouldn't be used.
    2. I would personally have more problem over subject/verb agreement in "net cash proceeds totals $4.8 Million" i.e. "proceeds total".
    3. Note that there is also no "the" in front of "... net cash ....".

    Hope this helps

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