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    One more attempt to write something in English. Please point the mistakes out!

    Hello teachers,
    This is my one more attempt to write something in my bad English . I haven't given it a title. After reading it , do you understand what I want to say? If yes, please do tell me. And the most important thing, Please underline my mistakes and suggest corrections like always. It motivates me to write more. I feel like my concepts aren't clear. I go haywire. I don't know exactly what I want to say. Why is this so? Is it because of lack practice of writing? It happenes with me when I have to ask to write something suddenly, without any preparation. Anyway the article is written below ...

    Life isnít a bed of roses. Itís full of ups and downs. It is like an endless ocean and we are sailing in a boat in its amid. We want to touch the shore but itís not visible. Itís water everywhere. Donít you think it will become hard for us to survive in this lifeless voyage? But we have to do it. There isnít any other option. We want peace and moksha but difficult to find in the hustle and bustle of the city.

    People are mean and selfish. They want to go ahead keeping their feet on others. Todayís world is a world of cut-throat competition. People have forgotten their ethics and values. The meaning of success has changed. Money is everything for them. People look down upon poor people or people who are lower in status. They arenít ready to help others. The fear of lagging behind if he/she becomes superior always frighten them. A simple human gets pressure from everywhere. He has to face the pressure of family, job, peer group etc. It becomes difficult for them to fight with the life. Thatís why those who are mentally weak commit suicide. They arenít able to fight with themselves. They canít lie to themselves. They get surrounded with sorrow and failures.

    People will have to learn to be optimistic. They need to love themselves then only others will love them. They have to become mentally strong to fight with the evil of the society.
    We think that life is difficult only for us but there are others too who are in worse conditions than us. We should thank God for whatever He has given to us. And to get more than that one should put own effort and improve in own field rather doing back biting or following divide and rule policy in the offices.

    School, society and family all together are responsible for the emotional development of a person. There is a course namely art of living that teaches how we can live a happy life with all the problems in out lives. It is becoming very popular. The reason of its popularity is that that people do get depressed due to the pressure of life and at the same time they have desire to live the life at its fullest.

    So one will have to understand that all doors are not closed. There is no need to get disappointed because of the failure. They arenít the only one in this huge sea like world. There are other people also who are sailing with them in the same boat and trying to reach their destinations.

    So better be happy and accept every failure with smile on your face. Take it as an experience. And in the last, donít forget your moral values and ethics.

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    Re: One more attempt to write something in English. Please point the mistakes out!

    Thats really great.... i appreciate your thoughts by heart & feeling proud to be your friend :)

    God bless you

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