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  1. Chris_shen

    Cv & Cover Letter


    Dear Sir,

    I am write to you for applying for the job of Analyst.

    I will graduate from Sydney Institute of Language & Commerce, (SILC), Shanghai University, major in Marketing, Acounting, International economic & trade.

    I am always interested in investment & risk managment, and desire to involoving in this field.

    Goldman Sachs is a world-famous leading global investment banking, securities and investment management group. Offering career opportunities for students just graduate from university, and suggesting to be an Analyst as a start.

    I have finish the web test 'WHERE DO I FIT IN' , and it sugget me that Credit Risk Management and Advisory, Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities and Goldman Sachs Asset Management area I can consider. As Analyst is one of Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities, now I write to apply with my resume as follow.

    I am sure that I can do the job well and improve myself well, if you give me a chance to be your staff.

    I am looking for your reply. Thank you very much.

    Yours faithfully

    Chris Shen


    Chris Shen

    Personal Information:

    ADD: Room XXX, Building XX, XXX Road,
    Changning District, Shanghai, China
    HT :
    MT :
    EMAIL: EMAIL REMOVED - Send PM to This User Instead


    Summary of Qualifications

     Good communication skills in interpreted, presented and negoatiated.
     Fluency in English and know a little of Japanese.
     Full of energy to work independent and have organizational skills.
     Good computer skills in Windows and Office, HTML, E-Business.
     Working experiences in sales and marketing.


     Sydney Institute of Language & Commerce, (SILC), Shanghai University. Jiading District
     Graduate from the university and get Bachelor of Economy in International Economic & Trade department, July, 2005.
     Major in Marketing, Acounting,Organizion Behavior,Internationa economic & trade and computer operate.

     Study Internediate Course of Interpretation in Jiao Tong University.
     Study Japanese language course in Foreign Language University.


     Translate artiles for the magizine “GOLDEN CARDS” as a partime job.
     Trainer in finance department in Changhai CO. QIANGSHENG GROUP in 2002

    I also have some questions to ask, thank you!

    If the company have the apply online system, should we only apply online or apply for the job in both ways just as apply online and EMAIL?

    As a Chinese, If I apply for a foreign company only in English without Chinese resume, should I also write my Chinese name and pingyin in personal information area?

    If the company offer online test, should I send the result of my testing to them, when I apply?
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